Top 5 Places For Bird Photography

By on Oct 29, 2015 in Beauty of Nature |

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grey-crowned-craneDid you know that there are numerous amazing places and sights to spot all kinds of birds across United States? But bear in mind that there are a few places which stand out as special sights for bird Photography. This article will give you 5 locations in USA for bird photography that you will never believe exists until you have a stop there. These places are appealing for their abundance of variety birds in addition to that these place are gorgeous to visit whether you are photographer, birding or not. These locations are chosen destinations for migrating birds which makes them special during winter and spring seasons. These areas are home to some rare species of birds which you can see once in a lifetime. Read on, enjoy and most importantly learn.

1. Nome, Alaska

Birds start flocking to this beautiful serene environment in late May. There are different kinds of birds such as merganser, golden plovers and many others. Bear in mind that there are only 3 main roads leading out of Nome, with each offering you different kind of viewing opportunities. For example, plovers are easy to watch along a Teller road but Kougarok can be seen where you can find bluethroats but only if you are lucky or extra observant. Remember that no matter the road you choose you will never be disappointed.

2. The Grand Isle, Louisiana

Grand Isle, an island found in Louisiana. According to the American National Wildlife Federation, Grand robinIsle is the magnet for all migrating birds in the spring season and the reason behind this is the distinctive habitat which surrounds the area, Grand Isle is a forest known as oak chenier which only grows on a low and sandy ridge parallel to the coastline. The region attracts birds which migrate across the great Gulf of Mexico. This place is a spot for birds to refuel. The spring migration time is always honored once in a year by the Grand Isle Bird Celebration which is aim at bring awareness for the conservation of the habitat. Beside the Warblers there are over 100 different kinds of birds to watch from which range from tern to skimmer, songbirds to pink roseate spoonbills.

3. Mount Desert Island in Maine

This amazing location is a section of the Acadia National park, it offers different type of birds thanks to union of the habitats such as bog, forest, coastline and also bare mountain peaks. This place is a little bit different from other sights in that you can watch birds all year round, a part from the seasonal nesting and migration it offers special viewing opportunities. In the course of the year you can spot birds like gray jays, bald eagles and black guillemots. But seasonal inhabitant includes the nesting Atlantic puffins variety of the warbler and not mention bobolinks, note that an Acadia Bird festival is usual held very June at the mount desert island, and this the ideal time to visit the place and mingle with other birders.

4. Blackwater national wildlife refuge

pelicanFound in Maryland, here you have an opportunity to watch bald eagle and marshbird year round, but the most spectacular moment is the period when thousands of ducks and geese migrates, they make a stop at Blackwater every spring. This refuge was made as a sanctuary to the migrating waterfowl. The forest, shallow water and marsh provide different types of habitat to the black ducks wigeon, blue-winged teal and pintails.

5. Bosque del Apache, New Mexico

This location is popular for its huge congregations for the migrating sandhill cranes. At Bosque del Apache there is a four day festival which is normal done in November to celebrate the migration. But this is not the main reason why birders flock at the desert oasis. The camp serves as stopping place for over 377 variety o birds. Waterbirds is a home for birds which range from geese to ducks and also terrestrial birds.