Beauty of Nature Worth to See at Least Once in a Lifetime

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As much as we admire human artifacts, works of art, and ancient artifacts long time forgotten, we believe that the pure and unspoiled nature is able to make the biggest and most wonderful creations. We will present you the natural wonders that would be worth seeing at least once in their lifetime.

Salar de Uyuni

In the extreme south of Bolivia are salt marshes which cover 10,582 square kilometers. This creates a natural salt work of art in which you can see your perfect reflection because it looks like a surface of a flat mirror. Although it is located at an altitude of over 3,000 meters, Salar de Uyuni or Salar de Tunipa has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in South America.

Salar de Uyuni is only partly covered by water while a large part is made up of a solid salt crust, which is still used for human consumption. Sam Salar de Uyuni is made up of several ancient salt lakes which besides regular “sea” of salt contain lithium. The surrounding area of ​​the Altiplano is one of the largest sources of lithium on earth. On the other hand, these salt ponds are the natural habitat of flamingos and they make here their nest especially in central part.

 Lake Abraham

Abraham Lake is located in the part of the river North Saskatchewan River in Alberta, Canada, this is an artificial lake created by the dam which is creating Bighorn, and around the world is known for rare phenomenon which becomes visible during the long sub-polar winter, in fact it is the occurrence of many bubbles Methane, which is in the process of climbing through the freezing cold water, creating one of the most unusual natural performances.

Volcanic eruption in Chile a one and a half year ago has created a series of “dirty” or volcanic lightning.

Almost every volcanic eruption causes a so-called dirty lightning, these volcanic phenomena you can see at the moment when a smoke from the crater of the volcano is created below the earth’s surface due to the movement of magma or lava, and generated unusual grounding lightning that often defy “gravity “and move in all directions, even from the ground to the sky.

Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan

Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan hides incredible underwater forest, namely in 1911, after strong earthquakes and landslides a  part of the lake has moved to a small valley where  firs  grew, after the trees have died in the cold, deep water, their dead branches have settled various green algae and pond plants that are oddly revived this forest. Above the lake are dry and dead branches but beneath the surface it seems that the time stopped for good.

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Eucalyptus bark with rainbow colors

Although Eucalyptus deglupta quite common tree in many locations in the tropical parts of the planet, this wood from time to time receive crust colors of the rainbow it looks magical.it certainly deserves your attention.