5 Additional Top Spots For Bird Watching and Photography

By on Nov 4, 2015 in Beauty of Nature |

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Top Locations For Migrating Birds

Malayan Banded Pitta BirdContinuing on with the last article, here are 5 more locations you can visit in the spring and winter for amazing photo opportunities.  I have only been to two of these places but plan to visit more in the next few years.

6. Monterey bay, California

This destination is mainly known for whale watching, the sea otter spotting, and also a home to the best aquarium in the country. To all birders this is a must visit destination. When you are off the coast you will be able to spot tufted puffins, black-footed albatross, jaegers alcid and shearwater. But close to the shore you will be able to check the California condors, snowy plovers and the cormorant. Bear in mind the in MONTEREY birds are abundant as the underwater water marine life which is the bay is best known for. September is the best month to visit this beautiful place.

7. Cave Creek Canyon in Arizona

Cave Creek Canyon found in the southwest side of USA offers you an opportunity for birding, it is locatedThe Eurasian Tree Sparrow (passer Montanus) at mount Chiricahua. It gives you a personal experience with over 37 verities of birds to check out from your list of a must see birds. Some of the birds found in this place includes cactus wren, verdin gambel’ quail and curve –billed thrasher, among the best and exotic is this elegant trogon, this is a treasure for all bird photography. Only 2 dozen can be seen in cave every summer. This location is also known for the hummingbirds, did you know that almost all hummingbirds can be seen here?

8. Tule Lake, California

This is one of the best place is USA to spy and watch thousands of different bird species in one location. The main reason for this is that it is the key stopover for many migrating birds in the Pacific Flyway. It also consist of four different national wildlife refuges and also thousands of acres which are private farmlands everything can be found here be it waterfowl or shorebird it is estimated that there are over 500 species of birds to watch.

9. Everglades national park, Florida

bald-eagleDo you want to have an amazing and wonderful time at Everglades ?Then visit it from December to March, this is the prime time when you will see all kinds of birds. Here you will have over 300 species of birds to watch and take picture of. The place is a gorgeous and unique watery habitat. The snake birds known as Anhinga are plenty here, you will also be able to find numerous types of duck species. When you are in Everglade ensure that you check out the flowering shrubs to see the beautiful hummingbirds.

10. Denali National Park, Alaska

This is a hotbed for wildlife viewing, and that birds included. There are 167 different types of birds, among them are seasonal once. When you visit at the right time you will never be disappointed. Visit the place in spring and you will witness all that you need to know about birds. Here you will see the northern hawk owl, a rare bird to have a glance at or spot. The ponds and lakes found around the region provide amazing variety for species sighting and not to mention the beautiful landscape.