5 Additional Top Spots For Bird Watching and Photography

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Top Locations For Migrating Birds Continuing on with the last article, here are 5 more locations you can visit in the spring and winter for amazing photo opportunities.  I have only been to two of these places but plan to visit more in the next few years. 6. Monterey bay, California This destination is mainly known for whale watching, the sea otter spotting, and also a home to the best aquarium in the country. To all birders this is a must visit destination. When you are off the coast you will be able to spot tufted puffins, black-footed albatross, jaegers alcid and shearwater. But close to the shore you will be able to check the California condors, snowy plovers and the cormorant. Bear in mind the in MONTEREY birds are abundant as the underwater water marine life which is the bay is best known for. September is the best month to visit this beautiful place. 7. Cave Creek Canyon in...

Top 5 Places For Bird Photography

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Did you know that there are numerous amazing places and sights to spot all kinds of birds across United States? But bear in mind that there are a few places which stand out as special sights for bird Photography. This article will give you 5 locations in USA for bird photography that you will never believe exists until you have a stop there. These places are appealing for their abundance of variety birds in addition to that these place are gorgeous to visit whether you are photographer, birding or not. These locations are chosen destinations for migrating birds which makes them special during winter and spring seasons. These areas are home to some rare species of birds which you can see once in a lifetime. Read on, enjoy and most importantly learn. 1. Nome, Alaska Birds start flocking to this beautiful serene environment in late May. There are different kinds of birds such as...

Beauty of Nature Worth to See at Least Once in a Lifetime

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As much as we admire human artifacts, works of art, and ancient artifacts long time forgotten, we believe that the pure and unspoiled nature is able to make the biggest and most wonderful creations. We will present you the natural wonders that would be worth seeing at least once in their lifetime. Salar de Uyuni In the extreme south of Bolivia are salt marshes which cover 10,582 square kilometers. This creates a natural salt work of art in which you can see your perfect reflection because it looks like a surface of a flat mirror. Although it is located at an altitude of over 3,000 meters, Salar de Uyuni or Salar de Tunipa has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in South America. Salar de Uyuni is only partly covered by water while a large part is made up of a solid salt crust, which is still used for human consumption. Sam Salar de Uyuni is made up of several ancient salt...